4 Floors
3 days
3 nights

Zeche Heinrich-Robert

After a long and excruciating journey through the Ruhr Area we are very happy to announce our new home! We are looking forward to cooperating with CreativRevier Hamm to realise our first expedition festivalwise in 2023 in Hamm.

Our location delivers a ton of possibilities, some of them are: four dance-floors, two performance- & chill-spaces, a camp and lots of space to play, explore and discover.

Talking about discovery and curiosity: more infos on the location are to be found at the website of CreativRevier Hamm (cr-hamm.de) and on the German Wiki at https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeche_Heinrich-Robert (just use your favourite translation-tool to read
the text in English)


CreativRevier Heinrich Robert
Zum Bergwerk 1, 59077 Hamm

Train – station„Hamm (Westfalen) Hbf“

Hamm (Westphalia) main station’, ICE station
RE 1, RE 6, RE 11 (Ruhr-area & Rhineland)
RE 7, RB 69, RB 89 (Münsterland)

Bus – Stop „Zeche Heinrich-Robert“

Stop ‘Hbf Hamm / Willy-Brandt-Platz’ (bus platform 8), line 3 directed to Pelkum, get off at ‘Zeche Heinrich Robert’

Bike – Zum Bergwerk 1

From Hamm main station, main entrance: Turn right onto Willy-Brandt-Platz, then turn right onto
Neue Bahnhofstraße/Wilhelmstraße (through the level crossing), after 2.2 km turn left onto Kamener Str./Radbodstraße, follow the road. After 1.6 km turn right onto Zum Bergwerk. Follow the road to the gate.

Monument-protection‘ & location

/Please be aware about vandalism and unsolicited

Our location might be an old coal mine, but it is NOT a ‚lost place‘ in the sense of ‚you can take
stuff from there as a keepsake‘ or ‚leave your mark‘. To do so would mean very dire financial
consequences for us and the festival AND the end of our little expedition at this location. So pretty
please, watch out for one another and all the buildings. So we can host our festival at this fantastic place in the coming years too.